Every day, in KSA, large quantities of liquids and gases such as oil, natural gas, water and emissions are produced, transported and distributed. At each point where a transaction occurs, a measurement is performed. To bill the amount of liquid or gas, flow meters are used. Often, both the quantity and the quality of the liquid or gas are measured.

A measurement error of just 0.1% can make a difference of millions of euros annually in a large oil or gas pipeline. The parties involved, therefore, attach great value to reliable measurements that are traceable to international measurement standards. Other industries that attach great importance to calibrations include processing industry, chemical industry and power stations.

Therefore Accurate, traceable flow measurements are very important for flow transactions, because of the financial values they represent. Through our extensive knowledge and experience, PICSARABIA has built up a very good reputation in KSA especially in the Petro Chemical Industry, Water and oil and gas industry.

PICSARABIA provides various services in the area of flow and liquid volume measurements to clients including suppliers of measurement equipment, oil and gas producers, utility companies and gas transport and distribution companies all over KSA.

First of its Kind & Only – Custody Transfer Measurement Metering Skid Calibration.

Facility in Saudi Arabia using Gravimetric Method

PICSARABIA has developed a primary standard flow calibration bench based on the Gravimetric principle. This high-precision ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration setup has been primarily designed for the calibration of Custody flow meters as its calibration measurement provides an impressive ±0.05% expanded uncertainty.

PICSARABIA is approved third party calibration laboratory and approved by SABIC, ARAMCO & SEC as well. It is worth to mention that PICSARABIA is the only approved calibration laboratory in the Middle East for SAUDI ARAMCO, PICS got the approval from SAUDI ARAMCO in 2018, got the technical acceptance for calibrating and repairing turbine, positive displacement, Coriolis, and ultrasonic flow meters up to 12 inches. Also, PICS got technical acceptance to calibrate and certify the pressure and temperature equipment used in royalty, custody and process measurement.

 The minimum accuracy level reached through this method is 0.05%. The accuracy is usually better than 0.05%.

This calibration method offers many advantages; a calibration in true mass flow, adapted to all major brands, a fast turnaround time, a calibration with customer specific requirements with a total compliance to the product specifications.

With this method we are capable of calibrating all types of industrial flow meters (Turbine,Coriolis,Electromagnetic, Vortex, Positive displacement, Ultrasonic, Mass flow meters etc..) By demonstrating these, we mean we can calibrate all flow meters of any brand.

Repair services by Flow Meter Experts

Strong from its 25+ years of cumulative experience of Technical capability, PICSARABIA is a GCC leader in the calibration of metering instruments. Our established expertise in the calibration of instruments and refurbishing of flow meters, make us the ideal partner to solve your daily technological issues. Our clients appreciate PICSARABIA customized services and warrant of quality service, day after day.