Specialized Fuel Oil Systems

PICSARABIA also offers turnkey solutions for fuel storage and distribution sector especially Fuel Oil Transfer Systems, Fuel Unloading and Loading Facilities, and related instrumentation and equipment.

Fuel Oil Transfer System Applications

Facility fuel oil transfer systems are designed to deliver fuel to boilers, fire pumps and diesel engine driven equipment, like generators. The system consists of Bulk and Day Tanks, pumps, instrumentation and Controls that sequence, Control and protects the fueling process.

Our systems are used at critical technical facilities such as data centres and hospitals to provide continuous reliable operation. PICSARABIA provide a full scope of services including specialized equipment, integrated controls, system engineering, and installation technical support. PICSARABIA has extensive experience in a wide range of critical operating facilities throughout the KSA.

Our Products and Services

PICSARABIA offers Detailed Engineering Services and Supply of UL Listed Equipment. The complete package for the Fuel System includes the following:

 Complete Skid with Duplex Pumps

 Master PLC with HMI for Automatic sequence of operations, monitoring and protection

Local Control Panel for Pumps

Five Point Level Switches (For Day Tanks)

Level Probe (For Bulk Tanks), Capable to detect

Fuel Level, Fuel Temperature and Water Level

Leak Detection system

Remote Filling Systems

Tank Management System

Day Tanks & Bulk Tanks

Duplex/Triplex Strainers, Pressure Gauges

Pressure Relief valves, Solenoid Valves, Check valves, Foot Valves & Emergency shutoff valves

Flame Arrestors

Level Gauges, Flow Meters and Flow Switches

Integration with Building management system