PICSARABIA offers a wide range of metering consultancy services to support you in all your metering and measurement requirements, helping you optimize revenue and profitability.

Our consultancy services include:

 Measurement systems design reviews

 Meter selection and “fitness for purpose” verification

Metering uncertainty studies and allocation

Process modeling

Hydrocarbon accounting

Flow Meter Inspections & Audits

Flow loop maintenance, Health check, diagnostics using OEM tools

Validation of existing flow meter and flow computer configurations as per API/AGA Standards.

Flow verification using Ultrasonic Clamp on

Calibration of Field Instruments including Orifice/DP Type flow meters

Trouble shooting of entire loop from field instrument to DCS

Prepare/Update Instrumentation specification sheets

Red line markup and prepare/update Instrument loop drawings

Repair of flow meters & Supply of spares for Instruments

Communication health check between Flow Computer & DCS

Emergency site support 24/7

Complete check of all metering system equipment and components as per applicable latest company standards and API standards

Recommendations to improve measurement accuracy

Best practices for reducing operating and maintenance costs

Recommendations of cost-effective alternatives for future performance improvements

Review of operational and maintenance procedures

Performance “health check” of Primary and secondary measurement devices

System performance assessment Operational wear and tear analysis

Detailed audit report which contains recommendations for

Operations and maintenance procedures Operator training Product upgrades

Software / control system upgrades Cost / benefit analysis.