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Corrosion Monitoring System

Corrosion Monitoring System

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PICSARABIA's Corrosion Monitoring System and Analysis Services offer diverse industries to not only detect corrosion but also extensive Corrosion Coupons removal, Consultation, System Installation, Testing, and other related services.

They include:

  • Supply, Installation, Removal, and lab analysis of Corrosion coupons (ASTM Standardized Strip/Flush Disk type)
  • Corrosion Analysis services include sample photography, cleaning, precision weight loss analysis, corrosion rate evaluation, pitting analysis, consulting assistance, and expert witness.
  • Mobilization of Trained and Skilled resources to the site, once in 6 months for removal of Coupons
  • Submit detailed Lab analysis reports including Photos, weight, and rate analysis.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of an online real-time Corrosion monitoring system including Sensors, Probes (Electrical Resistance method, Linear Polarization method, etc.), Control System, and SCADA for Corrosion Analysis and Alarm management.
  • Inspection, health check, Diagnostics, and Troubleshooting of Corrosion systems at the Plants