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Flow Meter Calibration

Flow Meter Calibration

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PICSARABIA provides cutting-edge flow calibration products and services that are swift and effective in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Flow solutions that function optimally help businesses enhance efficiency, profitability, and compliance with regulatory authorities seamlessly.

PICSARABIA has emerged as a Pioneer in Flow Calibration services based on its unparalleled subject matter expertise and broad-spectrum experience. In diversified Industries in Major Sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Processing, Power, Water, pharmaceuticals, and others, Flow measurement of massive quantities of liquids and gases such as oil, natural gas, water, and pollutants are generated, transported, and dispersed across Saudi Arabia.

Taking accurate, traceable, and timely measurement when a transaction takes place is critical in industries because even a fraction of a mistake can alter yearly costs by millions. Therefore, the high importance of accurate measurements that can be traced to global measuring standards is crucial for industries that place a high value on calibrations.

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PICSARABIA is an industry leader to have successfully designed a primary standard Gravimetric-based flow calibration bench. Its outstanding ±0.05% extended uncertainty, this high-precision ISO/IEC 17025 authorized calibration system has been principally created for the calibration of Custody flow meters.

PICSARABIA is a proud Third-Party Calibration Lab authorized by SABIC, ARAMCO, and SEC, we are the only SAUDI ARAMCO-approved calibration laboratory in the Middle East. We acquired all technical permissions for calibrating and repairing turbine, positive displacement, Coriolis, and ultrasonic flow meters up to 12 inches from SAUDI ARAMCO in 2018. We also have the technical approval to calibrate and certify the pressure and temperature equipment used in royalties, custody, and process measurement.

We can calibrate all types of Industrial flow meters using this technique, including but not limited to, turbines, Coriolis, Electromagnetic, Vortex, Positive displacement, Ultrasonic, and Mass flow meters.

This calibration technique gives us a competitive edge and several benefits, inclusive of true mass flow calibration, adaptability to all major brands, quick turnaround, calibration with customer-specific needs, and complete adherence to the product specifications.


PICSARABIA is a GCC leader in the calibration of metering devices backed by 25+ years of innovation and experience. Our proven proficiency in instrument calibration and flow meter refurbishment makes us the partner of choice to address your technological dilemmas.

PICSARABIA's client-centric services, commitment to growth, and unshakeable dedication to professional practices enable us to deliver matchless services across the region.