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Instrument Calibration Services

Instrument Calibration Services

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PICSARABIA For Calibration Services, PICSARABIA has set the bar higher. We have been accredited by ISO17025 and registered with ISO9000 for our services for Instrument Calibration. Our Experts seamlessly calibrate and maintain equipment for diversified businesses and industries.

We offer our clients routine calibration, process validation, certification, and verification for their products to enhance the productivity, cost efficiency, and sustainability of their business.

Our Instrument Calibration Services include:


PICSARABIA offers state-of-the-art Pressure and temperature calibration services that are fully accredited and/or in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025. The International Accreditation verifies and ensures that our Calibration findings and services are verifiable, traceable, and accurate.

Our Services for Temperature Calibration can be provided at your location or our facility.


PICSARABIA provides a true Load Cell Calibration Service that complies with ISO 9000. This component of a weighing system is utilized across industries as it offers non-intrusive and highly precise load measurement data. The Proper Calibrations of load cells achieve accuracies of between 0.03 and 1%. (Varies on load cell type).

For compliance with ISO 9000, we offer our valuable client procedures that are a component of their Quality Management System including timely Calibration schedules and the preservation of required records.

PICSARABIA provides:

On-site Calibration of Load Cells with 20 kg to 100,000 kg weights available
Adjustment and Calibration
ISO 9001: 2015 Certification, traceable to National Standards for Gas Stations
NABL Certified and Calibrated Weights


The PICSARABIA Experts have received training in Safety relief valve overhaul, testing, and calibration in compliance with International Standards to offer advanced services successfully.

Workplace and General Safety is a top priority for PICSARABIA and to guarantee General safety in the Oil and Gas Industry and other associated businesses, we offer periodic tests, adjustments, and calibration of pressure safety valves.

We use Bench testing in a workshop to test safety and relief valves as well as our Facility is designed to certify safety valves too. The tests take place concurrently with disassembly, inspection, and repair.


85-Ton Valve Test Bench
Maximum Reaction force: 75.5 Tons
Clamping force: 9.06 Tons to 90.6 Tons
Valve size: ½” to 12” based on Class #150 to #2500
Test Medium – Air, Water & Nitrogen
Max air test pressure – 7 bar
Max hydro test pressure – 700 bar
Max gas test pressure (N2) – 700 bar